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Some of the best waterfront property in Central Florida can be found in Citrus County on the West Coast of Florida. A desirable location, coupled with relatively affordable land values compared to other more developed Florida waterfront properties, makes Citrus County waterfront property a great investment.

Citrus County Florida is a water lovers paradise. The west coast of Citrus County lies on the Gulf of Mexico and the east side of Citrus County is dotted with lake chains ideal for bass fishing. And if that was not enough, the rest of the county is criss crossed with seven rivers, including the more notable Crystal River, Homosassa River, Chassahowitzka River, Withlacoochee River and Rainbow River.

Boating and fishing, as you can imagine are a way of life for this active outdoor community. A closeness to nature exists in Citrus County that is hard to find in other more developed areas of Florida. In fact, around 40% of the land in Citrus County has been set aside for public use and can not be developed. This little known fact has made Citrus County our own little "secret garden".

Nature preserves, wildlife refuges, protected wetlands, state forests and numerous parks makes life and recreation in Citrus County that much richer.

So as you can imagine the bit of water front development there is, is limited and highly prized.

Waterfront property in Citrus County includes Kings Bay Drive, an exclusive waterfront community of spectacular waterfront homes in Crystal River.

Ozello Trail, is a long winding road through the wetlands and marshes of coastal Citrus County, populated with aquatic birds of all kinds.

Many residents of Ozello have colorful stilt homes built right up to the water and enjoy some of the most breathtaking sunsets in Florida. Waterfront property in Homosassa is similar to that of Ozello only not quite as remote. Homosassa Springs and Homosassa Florida have many marinas, shops and restaurant with the freshest seafood around.

On the east side of Citrus County lake front property and lake side homes in Inverness are second to none.

Waterfront communities such as Pritchard Island and Gospel Island offer exclusive waterfront living in Inverness just minutes away from the Inverness Downtown Square.

To explore these or any of the many additional lake front and riverfront communities in Citrus County Florida contact Lou Miele today!